First night home

It’s a beautiful, enchanting evening in our back yard. I’m home for the first time in two and a half years.

It’s been an amazing journey, an adventure that I’ll never forget. Two years, millions of memories, and overwhelming series of moments etched in time. Here I sit, nestled into a big yard chair as the sun settles down over the horizon, and darkness sweeps across the sky. The cool clouds of fall, having delivered a sweet cooling moisture wash across the edges of the sky.

The permanent glow of phoenix blares out against a soft glowing horizon, a bubble of bright unnatural light cutting through the mountains and up into the sky. The deep dark blue of the night sky desperately recoiling. It almost seems as if the night is fighting back, seeming more intense, darker in eddies and pools away from the city’s light. There aren’t as many stars here as there are in my village, but the sky is strangely familiar. The constellations have moved… or I guess I’m the one who has moved. The light is blurred, softer, the sky is tamed.

Watching the skies my gaze drifts down onto our back yard. Our family has done an amazing job with the property. It’s fantastic to say the least, and as I sit on the back porch and marvel at the stars, a perfectly timed set of lights awaken and begin to twinkle. Little lanterns, and villages spring to life, and it looks much like I would imagine a deep mountain village to look, in miniature. We’ve dug and built a pond, and mom has worked tirelessly to create a gorgeous series of landscaping and flowers. It’s a land of respite and comfort. The perfect break from the hardship of travel. It’s definitely home.

The evening is progressing well, and my dad and brother head out to join me. Ma heads out with her guitar and starts playing a few soothing tunes. We sit and reflect, taking in the joy of home and enjoying each other’s company. Reunited at home after two long years. It’s a fantastic night.






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  1. Leslie Avatar

    So welcome home. Your folks are pretty cool, maybe someday we’ll meet you guys too. Bet you’re as cool as they are. ? Enjoy the visit!

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