Visiting Home – the first three days


It’d been one heck of a flight, 38 hours of travel across nine time zones. I’d flown from Lusaka, to Johannesburg, connected to a Delta flight and made the 16 and a half hour trek across the Atlantic ocean to Atlanta, boarded another connection and popped over to Denver, and then I was on my way to glorious little Prescott.

I was exhausted, my body was worn down. I’d slept maybe 6 or 7 hours during the entire trip, the majority of it in those uncomfortable bench airport chairs. It was a tough set up, but I was ready to be home.

I’d gotten off the plane, met the folks, hugged and then been driven home to our spot in Prescott. We’d no sooner reached home then I was treated to a hot shower, delicious food, and three fantastic days of glorious relaxation. I wrote a little bit about my night home in my last post.


As the day’s slid by and we prepared ourselves for our spectacular 13 day Colorado road trip, I got to spend many hours relaxing on the porch and in the house. My feet propped up on the back wall enjoying the pond and back garden, and the fantastic view out into the national forest behind our home. Eating, sorting, packing, and catching up with the family. We were all together again for the first time in over a year, and it was great to be reunited in person.


It was time spent recharging, and upon my return from Colorado and Phoenix, it was a place where I spent hours getting my internal spirit and batteries recharged.


As you might imagine, the security and comfort of having such a comfortable, calm, and restorative home base was everything I needed after twenty seven months living the Zambian Village life, well… the environment and a hot shower every morning and night.






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