Hooray for Ouray!

Mountains above Telluride, Headed over the pass toward Ouray

We were on our way from Telluride, up over those gorgeous mountains, and across the way to Ouray. Now to be fair we actually had to go out and around those mountains, but let me tell you – the view was worth every mile driven. Ouray is a gorgeous little mining town, with a charismatic feel, a lively community, and although it’s a little bit touristy it has maintained it’s old town feel. It’s quiet, cozy, and beautiful. We found a motel, parked, settled, and then we were off to see the town!

Alex and I had been struggling with our phone plans, and though we were trying to document our trip via photo’s and short updates, we’d been finding that the data service of our short term network provider were… paltry to non existent. Though frustrated, we did manage to capture a few quick moments from our walk around town.

I’d highly suggest taking a peak over at www.virtualwayfarer.com and check out his flickR to see some of his photos!

As we walked up the hillside toward the main drag. We ran into a small herd of deer grazing through folks yards in the center of town, and then taking a moment of peace in the quiet streets, surrounded by wildlife and beauty, my gaze shifted skyward, and there above the mountains sat a fat silver globe, slowly sneaking out from behind the mountainside at the end of the valley.


Moonrise over the pass at the canyons end in Ouray, Colorado

It was a perfect moment of reflection.

We found a Cafe to eat dinner in, and then headed back to end our night. But we were stopped by a window display, lit up in the evening dusk. In it was a bear canoeing with two little cubs, as the Berger Bears, I couldn’t help but stop and take a picture. It reminded me of going out fishing in our porta-boat in Puerto Penasco, and of father and sons bonding time out on the open ocean. Fishing, talking, and enjoying each other’s company. We were on another family excursion, all of us together, and the memories served as a great compliment to the experience.

It’d been one heck of a day, filled with the sights, sounds and beauty of Colorado, we finished the walk back to our room, and settled in for the night.





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