Reflections on Service – Choice and Volunteering

Nov 30th, 2011 David Berger 8 min read

Choose to be yourself, choose to savor every moment, and to share your blessings with those who did not have access to the same resources, choose to stand forward, and give. Even a man with nothing can step forward and choose to give everything. When I worked for the American Red Cross in the Arizona Chapters Emergency Services division, I had the opportunity to volunteer and give aid during Arizona’s largest fire. I saw families and individuals who had lost everything, homes burned, all possessions gone, health threatened… families without a roof over their head. Yet they choose to step forward and give of themselves. Now as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the developing world, I see the same human drive, the same beautiful moments, spirit, and soul. People with nothing, choose to step forward and volunteer. To give the only thing they have, time and love. Instead of wallowing in despair and fear, alone and without hope, they step forward to change their lives and make a difference for those that follow. Churchill had it right, that is the power of making a life.