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  • Denmark: Wandering and Arriving

    Denmark: Wandering and Arriving

    Arriving in Denmark, and Wanderlust

  • What is love?

    Love, a genuinely impossible subject. Love, emotion, rationality, irrational behaviour, loss of control, free spirit, feeling complete. Dark cruel thoughts, bright romanticism and feeling lost in the overpowering glare of light. Love is such a multi-faceted emotion. It can drive you crazy just trying to figure out which love you’re feeling…let alone try and understand…

  • Reflections on Dating and Relationships

    Just some frustrated thoughts on dating and relationships: Dating has been a frustrating experience that I have struggled with for years. Pressured by society, friends, and my social network to settle down, look for a long-term relationship, and, most importantly know what I want. The truth? I am still learning what I want, and more…