Co-Creator: Latin/Ballroom/Salsa Night Out

Co-Creator: Latin/Ballroom/Salsa Night Out

I fell in love with Latin, Ballroom, and Salsa dancing when I first took Ballroom/Latin/Swing level I at Arizona State University in 2006. In fall 2007 my brother Alex Berger and I decided to create a social networking group to help inform students and community members about dancing in Phoenix. The Night-Out group is a coalition of students, community members and instructors that utilize social networking sites to provide safe means of entertainment through dancing to college students in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Administrated by David Berger and Alex Berger, the site lists important information about going out dancing (Dance Basics), as well creates events to inform about venues and opportunities to dance.

For more information please visit the group at:

Latin/Ballroom/Swing/ Night out



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