May 14th, 2009 David Berger 2 min read

We caught our bus to Rijeka from Trieste early the next morning. We were headed on into unknown territory, using the advice of the VirtualWayfarer as our guide to Croatia we thought we’d try a few places on our own and then make our way down into Zadar, Split, and Dubrovnik. We crossed into Slovenia and then down intro Croatia, visiting the Croatian countryside we…

Saturday, Easter Sunday and Monday in Monza

Apr 14th, 2009 David Berger 2 min read

Saturday Saturday morning I awoke and decided to take advantage of a quiet day in a quiet apartment. My roommates have all abandoned Milan for the warmth and comfort of family and friends to celebrate the Easter holiday. The house quiet and clean, I settled into the couch and started on the second of C. Descry’s Triology: The Brothers Shikoku. The first book, The Daughters…

Equinox – Family reflections

Mar 20th, 2009 David Berger 3 min read

Journal 2009 – March 20th Today is the equinox. And in 4 days my brother will turn 24. 22 years we’ve spent exploring this world together, 24 years of life, experience, joy, and innovation. 24 years of a path no other person could dream of having. A brilliant young man full of promise and strength, dedication and vitality. My brother is an individual, a true…

Journal 7 Milano 25-1-09

Jan 24th, 2009 David Berger 2 min read

Found an apartment, found a place to dance, Found a facebook group for the local universities, found peace of mind… a day of finding.

Letter to keep in touch from a year ago:

Jan 4th, 2009 David Berger 4 min read

How are you? It’s been so long since I’ve gotten a chance to correspond with you and my apologies for that. I’m sure life has been quite busy on your end as well. I want to extend my thanks once again for the kindness and hospitality you so graciously offered me, your assistance and support along the trip was an amazing boon. In regards to…

Journal 5

Dec 9th, 2008 David Berger 2 min read

Having a blast in London, absolutely enjoyed today to its fullest, went shopping and found a GREAT dress shirt for £8 and a shirt for Alex as a gift for £6. Bought some other little odds and ends ate out and saw WICKED! The play was FANTASTIC! I love it. Song number 18 (should be labeled For Good on the CD case) gets me every…

Adventures Teaser

Nov 26th, 2008 David Berger 1 min read

In 2007 I embarked on a journey to the United Kingdom and Ireland in order to further my education. I spent six and a half weeks traveling, attending university and learning from the people and locations I encountered. Continuing on in Fall 2008 I applied and was accepted to work for the U.S. State Department Abroad in Italy! I will be traveling to Milan, Italy…

Devil Dancesport Invitational – March 2009:

Nov 26th, 2008 David Berger 1 min read

Devil Dancesport Invitational – March 2009: The DDSI is a regional collegiate competition which will be held at Arizona State University in March 2009. It is hosted by Devil Dancesport and will serve as a fundraiser to provide services to our members.

Instructor: ASU SRC Devil Dancesport Social:

Nov 26th, 2008 David Berger 1 min read

Instructor: ASU SRC Devil Dancesport Social: This is a twelve week seminar offered to any student at Arizona State University. In the course we teach Six Core dances and 2 minor dances. Each dance is taught on Friday and Saturday. Each dance is reviewed once. I have taught: Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Salsa, Hustle, and Bachata.

Co-Creator: Latin/Ballroom/Salsa Night Out

Nov 26th, 2008 David Berger 1 min read

Co-Creator: Latin/Ballroom/Salsa Night Out I fell in love with Latin, Ballroom, and Salsa dancing when I first took Ballroom/Latin/Swing level I at Arizona State University in 2006. In fall 2007 my brother Alex Berger and I decided to create a social networking group to help inform students and community members about dancing in Phoenix. The Night-Out group is a coalition of students, community members and…