Journal 5

Having a blast in London, absolutely enjoyed today to its fullest, went shopping and found a GREAT dress shirt for £8 and a shirt for Alex as a gift for £6. Bought some other little odds and ends ate out and saw WICKED! The play was FANTASTIC! I love it.

Song number 18 (should be labeled For Good on the CD case) gets me every time. Just wanted you to know that through the entire song I was thinking of you two and Alex. Miss you guys but having such a blast. Going to spend a bit and head to a fancy club this weekend. It’s a bit adventurous and I’m not sure I want to swing the cover but I’m tempted (one of the top nightclubs/dance spots of London) so we will see what happens there. Headed to Dover on Monday, Oxford sat and who knows Sunday. Exploring like mad, having a blast and trying to keep it pretty cheap.

I loved the riverside and my adventures with Su and can’t wait to meet up with Nigel and her again. I hope Carla, Roger; Alex, the Wolf Pack etc. are all on the mailing list. I know what I’m sending is pretty rough but hopefully it gives a decent idea of life here.

Much love Hope you enjoy the song and know that I’m thinking about and thanking you for the opportunity to be here everyday
The Play Spamalot was wonderful, I can’t remember the theater but it wasn’t in the same one as Alex loved. Phantom is still playing in that theatre and I’m trying to get tickets (dreadfully difficult at the moment) I am taking pictures by the ton but uploading the bloody things is a nightmare. I’m hoping for a better connection somewhere to upload a whole bunch. It will be nice to be back so you can read my written journals as well as the typed and get a whole picture of the experience but at the moment I believe they are staying separated.

Little tired. Invited by Su for dinner and some washing before I leave for Ireland. Everything seems to be flying by today trying to keep up. Need to do a bit of reading and work on getting everything in order. This is our last week in town (we fly to Dublin next wed) Going to Canterbury and Dover tomorrow at 8:30am. Went to Oxford on Sat. lots of pictures, very fun. Went to the Ministry of Sound Nightclub. Amazing House Techno and a leader of the techno industry was there as a guest DJ so that was a blast. I need to figure out how to call Su… but I can do that, first time I’m using a phone in this country hehe. I’m pretty sure I told you about WICKED and AVE Q. but just to reiterate they were AMAZING! Friday night was spent at the Student union, dancing to techno and a live funk band upstairs. Reading “A Man for All Seasons” by Bolt a play about Henry the 8Th. Doing a few response papers for Bath and Stonehenge.



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  1. Kiwi Avatar

    I don’t understand some details of this topic..

  2. Joakhan Avatar

    This is a piece from a series of journal entries. It is a personal account written in email to update my family each week about what my experiences were during my stay in London, Dublin, and Ireland. If you’d like any specific clarification I’d love to explain.

  3. Blog Avatar

    Wonderful, but usual =)

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