Journal 7 Milano 25-1-09

Searching. Waiting. Looking. Aspetta! Basta basta! Enough! I am done. Finished! This is over. I have found a safe, warm, place. A place with warm Italian vibes, good food, wine, and other students… best of all a place that barely speaks English.

I don’t know how to express the stress and aggravation that comes from not having a definite place to stay while in a foreign country where you barely speak the language and don’t always understand the cultural references that occur around you. I am just now beginning to cleanse that stress from my mind. Today (2:33 in la mattina) I will move in to my apartment. I share a room with another guy, and all together there are four of us. But the guys are warm, interesting and have been very welcoming of me. I will head over there later in the evening around 8pm. All I need to do is buy a blanket and some personal items for showering (shampoo, soap, razors). Other than that I packed perfectly and will be ready to start work early Monday morning.

Facebook has proven to be an interesting tool. Today I did a search for the group pages of the universities here in Milano and found a few different groups. The largest is for Bocconi. I posted a message asking if anyone would like to go out to Tropicana the Latin club on the same street as my apartment for next week and am waiting for a response.

The gentlemen I am moving in with invited me for dinner tomorrow night and I insisted that I bring a bottle of wine for the meal. I am excited for my first cooked meal in Italy. More so I am excited to have a kitchen! As well as a refrigerator. I can start cooking for myself… something I miss very much.

I am a little nervous about work, but not nearly as nervous as I was about finding an apartment. I know I will put in the hours necessary to succeed at the consulate…that at least is in my hands. Searching and finding an apartment was not fully in my control. I could ask and search but inevitably the result lay in the hands of a stranger. That I think was the hardest part.

I did more work for my Italian class today. I need to write a tema… I will do so in the morning after I get a full night’s rest for the first time since I landed. I am so pleased and excited to have an apartment, a bed, and keys so I can come and go as I please.

I am tired and we got back from the pub only half an hour ago. I think I’m headed to sleep!





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