Last week in London! Spring 06

Well. Where to start. Saturday ended at 5:25Am this morning with a quick journal entry and a response to Su’s message about today’s dinner invitation. Sunday started at 1pm after my quick nap to try and regain some composure. At 1 I woke up, came down to the computer lab and wrote some quick E-mails, and then I headed out and spent around £4 on lunch. Came home and exchanged the down and dirty life details and life stories with my roommate William.

I think I’ve found a good and trustworthy exploring companion in that one. Someone to share the trip with and have some good comradery. After that I ran out and got stuck in delays and all sorts of messes trying to make it over to Su and Nigel’s flat. The train I was on unexpectedly went out of service after twenty minutes of waiting for the doors to close then ten with them closed they finally announced that we needed to switch trains. Then I had misfortune in the timings at the Kennington station and had to wait another 15 minutes for that train. There were a few other minor delays resulting in a good hour and 45 minute trip which I had only allotted an hour for. I felt awful being forty five minutes late but Su and Nigel were quite gracious about it.

Her daughter Ruth came to dinner as well. We spoke around the table as Su put the finishing touches on an amazing meal. Lamb, caramelized vegetables, potatoes and drinks. Then for dessert she produced an exquisite pudding which was simply marvelous. We sat and talked for a while and joked. Su made tea and made me a fresh squeezed Lemon and Honey tea which hit the spot. After a bit Su had me watch a little segment of a show about these large Iron men who had been put up as sculptures on buildings around London ( I had asked about them earlier and she had managed to catch this segment for me ) we watched that and then headed off to home. Su drove me home which was quite nice as the weather is now quite cold and rainy.

Beautiful mind you…. but cold…. and….. rainy…. and well cold. hehehe. Once back at the apartment she ran upstairs to my room with me and collected my laundry! How sweet they are that they offered to do so. It may seem trivial but the effort she will put in doing that chore and saving me from hand washing it is marvelous.

I’m caught in awe of their gracious hospitality and the help they are offering for my stay here in London. They also gave me further advice on places to visit and things which should be seen whilst here. They have made London a much more hospitable place for me and quite a bit more manageable.

Getting ready for bed. I need to do some reading and snuggle down and keep warm (I’m picking up a head cold despite my best efforts (Airborne, Emergen C etc). I have my suspicions that it’s a combination of the weather change and the germs etc I’m exposed to riding the Tube (hand railings etc so I don’t fall over).





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