Scotland – the most beautiful place on Earth! – Edinburgh

Flew into Edinburgh this morning. Edinburgh is the most beautiful city I have seen. I am enthralled – entranced – captivated, scintillated. I cannot describe how wonderful this city is.

As the bus rounds the corner onto Princes Street you see Edinburgh castle and old town. It is so stunning – the scintillating sounds and colours, the buildings and gardens – hills covered in ancient artwork of generations past– history literally etched into the mountain right before your eyes. I felt like I was in a fairy tale looking up at the ancient kingdom of legends. I got off the bus from on Princes Street and walked from 3:30 until 9:45. I’ve only just touched the surface of this wonderful city. I’ll start getting pictures as soon as I can download and clear my memory card. The feelings of wonder and desire to stay and explore here for years are beyond my ability to describe. Without second thought and immediately I knew that I could live here – that in fact I wanted to. I’ve got so much to do here and only eleven more days. Not to mention I need to visit the highlands and all the rest of Scotland. I am sad already that there is such limited time. But I plan to make the most of every moment.

Love you and thinking of you – Wishing mum the best and you know I’m thinking about you all while I’m here.

Last few days-

Pretty darn excited to be here in Edinburgh. It is an unbelievable city. Without a doubt one of my favorite places. This last weekend was a trip – spent Friday through Sunday on day trips. Slept 14 hours from Thursday night to Monday night – killer but so worth it. When I get home I’m going to crash for a few days lol! So, Friday went up into the Highlands stunning scenery Loch’s, waterfalls, and a whisky distillery what a trip the emerald green hills, heather and fern, bracken and flora and fauna from around the world. Sheep, sheep, a few more sheep, then a sheep here, and another sheep right over there, two more sheep up there and four down below! Some cattle big toffee furry beasts. Ate haggis and lots of potatoes. The waterfalls were amazing because of the peat draining into the rivers due to all the rain the rivers looked like huge flowing rivers of Guinness splashing and sparkling its dark deep colour across the rocks. Beautiful – stunning – clouds and mist ranging across the mountains and glens. Windows of sunlight breaking through and illuminating the world as thought covered in a sparkling silver veil. Each day trip took all day leaving at 8:15 and returning between 5:30 and 7:30 each time.

Saturday I went to Stirling Castle – Saw the Wallace monument and explored a little there then headed out to two huge nature reserves before winding down a single lane roadway to Inversnaid on the banks of Loch Lomond. I couldn’t stop myself from singing the song as I sat on the shores. We hiked our way up to a high overlook and explored the beauty of the Loch. Again the Greenery, rushing tumbling and falling streams playing amongst each other splashing and frothing on their mad dash to the loch from the heights of the mountains. Unbridled beauty – indescribable the feelings which filled me as I stood and climbed through such land. Birds, rabbits, squirrels, sheep…. Stunning. The view from the top of the path left me completely breathless. We emerged just as the rain broke and the sun broke through and illuminated where we were standing then spread along the gap in the clouds and join the waters giving them a scintillating prismatic effect as the water sparkled within the loch.

Sunday – Down south – southern Scotland down toward the border lands. Melrose Abbey, Scots view, And Roslyn chapel. Roslyn is an unforgettable experience, unbelievable stonework, carving and unique expression in the stone. Each spire on the external is different and original the stained glass and the pillars are all ornate and then the carved cherubs, faces, and scenes from the bible each express through the stone emotion and stories without need of words. Saw the building where they cloned Dolly!!!!

Monday – Upper Highlands, Glencoe – Loch Ness – I went swimming!!!!!!! – Inverness – all around that area. Again the surrounding land is stunningly beautiful – high cliffs, tumbling waterfalls, caves and jagged juts of stone. Loch ness was FREEEEEEEZING! But I felt so alive as I jumped in the second time! I have video as well. Muhahahhahaha.


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