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Oggi, Io ho svegliato alla nove in la mattina. Dopo Io ho fatto un passegiata e ho visto la citta di Milano. Milano è un bella città. Perche Milano è un citta vecchia ma nuova. Oggi la citta è coperta di nebbia. Bianca e grigia. In la citta la temperatura è fredda. Ogni giorno quando io faccio una passegiata alle citta, io vedo il mio respiro. Mi dispiace per non scrivere ma senza internet è un po dificile. Io ho pensato alle settimana scorso e scritto per Lei.

Its about time to catch up, so lets see what I’ve done these past few days. On Tuesday I woke up and went to work, got dressed, wore my tan suit just as I had planned and had a very productive day. I finished my check in and got settled. After work I went around searching for some information on internet access. I did find some more useful information about the Chiave (key) for internet and kept trying to get some more. After that I returned home to await my roommates. On Wednesday I took my dinner break and ran to Porta Venezia. Went down Viale Buenos Aires and found a little store called TRE. I went in and bought a little internet key and took it home only to find that it didn’t work! What a pain in the arse. When I got home I had to wait outside the apartment because until Friday morning I did not have a key for the apartment but rather only for the outer door, which meant that I needed to wait for my roommates to arrive before I could get inside… Let me tell you, it’s really cold when its 1-4 degrees Celsius and you have to wait outside 20-30 minutes for a way into the warmth.

The apartment is great. I shared a room with a young Italian with his doctorate in Economia. On Thursday we threw him a party that lasted until 2 am to see him off. The room is big, but everything is tile. The apartment is heated by water/radiators so it’s expensive for utilities. Plus with the Russian/Ukraine issue gas prices here are high. This means that since my roommates are all students we don’t turn on the house’s heating. Still its not bad. Its almost like home with mom and dad, wake up put on pants and a long sleeve shirt and if its early morning my coats…if later afternoon I’m fine with just what I wear. My roommates are warm and energetic. Additionally I’m about to get a new roommate who will arrive in the next two or three days.

At least the controls are separate on the heater for radiators and water so that makes showering pretty darn nice. Every Saturday and Friday Nico, the young man from Napoli, cooks dinner for the apartment and we all throw down 5-10 euro for the weekend’s food. I have been asked to think about a typical American breakfast and a typical American dinner to cook for the casa. I’m not sure what I’ll make. Maybe pork chops and eggs, or maybe eggs and bacon, something along those lines. Any ideas and recipes should be E-mailed to me at Talking about food is making me hungry! I’m going to need to cook soon. Its 6:16 your time and 2:16 in the afternoon here. I imagine mom and dad are waking up and Alex is snoring to his heart’s content. I miss you guys but am really working hard to keep focused on the fun of a new city to explore. Today or tomorrow I will wander Milan with my camera for pictures… It is so damn cold today because of the fog, that wet, bone cold…. Arizona dry cold/heat is so nice.

Today if the weather starts to get better I will go to the park and play basketball with Nico and some of his Italian friends. He just walked in and we talked about it. He says it is too cold right now but that he wants to play. We will make a decision in an hour. Tomorrow I think I will go to a Superbowl party hosted by an American living here who owns a couple of bars. I’m not sure about it yet because the game starts around 1AM and will go until 4-5. Since I wake up for work at 7 and arrive at work around 8 it makes it a tough decision. It is a good chance to talk with and mingle with the Marines and other Americans working/living here in Milan.

One great thing about work is that I’m reading so many different news sources and newspapers that I’m much more abreast of world affairs than I was in the U.S. I’ve got a much clearer global view. That is definitely something I’d like to continue after this job. Its about 2-3 hours each morning, but its time well spent and the variety of views I’m finding from international news sources is really startling.

I must finish off now. We’re going to go play basketball around a quarter to 3 so I’ve gotta get dressed and ready myself to freeze to death… until we start running.






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    Make Grampa Dave’s eggs with onion and chunks of ham!

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