Journal 15 Thursday in Milano

Ciao tutti. Come state? Io sto bene. Oggi io ho avuto una nuova idea. Cerco per informazioni in siti con il fine della .it. è molto utilie. Articoli in google Italia sono molto interesanti.

Mi campagni di stanza mi ha richiesta a usare miei credit card a comprare il internet. I ragazzi mi pagaranno dopo. Ma perchè io in Milano a il primo di maggio io no lo so. Il consulato mi ha detto che il fastweb è molto dificile a cambiare il pagare. Se miei compagni di stanza parlate con fastweb loro sono italiano e forse un po più di facile. Miei compagni di stanza non hanno un credit card so non è possibili a prendere internet. Forse il padrone della casa compro e il prezzo e più il affito.

Oggi io ho letto il documenti dal American recovery. È molto lunghi e io ho bisogno di leggere per tutta la notte. Allora, non per tutta la notte perche questa sera…io andro al Club Tropicana e ballo!

Working on my Italian. Not bad…nice to have roommates willing to help me out with words and tenses. Conditional tense is a terrible thing. Reading is becoming easier and I’m learning a new writing style. Succinct is the name of the game.

This morning there was a bake sale at the consulate. I bought two big oatmeal chocolate cookies and had them as my breakfast at work. For lunch the interns and I went to a farmers market and I bought ¼ kilo of three different types of olives for 4 euro. I also bought a half rack of ribs (4 big ribs) for 5 euro for lunch. I was going to take pictures but today was foggy and rainy so they wouldn’t have turned out.

I’m stoked for salsa tonight. Not sure what we are doing for dinner but will be good. Its 7:15 right now and I need to take a nap if I’m to go out at 11 and have enough rest.

Getting everything worked out piece by piece feels good.

Listening to a few interesting songs: Liar. Kanye west – Heartless. Marlene Kunz. Annie Macdonald. Christian Falk – feat Robyn. Lou reed. Subsonic. Katy Perry. Fabrizio Andre. Franz Ferdinand. Interpol.

Cooking a bit so that’s good. Trying to absorb Italian culture. I’m getting a little of it. Watching Italian TV shows only goes so far.

Ciao, Buon serata.







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  1. Aaron Wakling Avatar

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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