Dancing and the weekend!

March 01, 2009 personal journal entry for David Nathaniel Berger.

Ladies and gentlemen today I’m excited to announce to you that I am trying the new voice dictation system through Microsoft Office Word. I believe that you will notice a difference in my writing style as I am directly dictating and not thinking through each sentence before I write. I think that this writing style should provide an interesting experiment and introspection into the way I think while organizing my thoughts for my journal.

Let’s start Friday February 27, 2009 the second to last day of February and five days over a month since I arrived in Italy. Friday was a wonderful day. I had a great time at work and after invited the marines and the other interns to my house for dinner and a social event. We had a very relaxed evening with a two course dinner and the company of my Italian friends and roommates. After we ventured forth from the house and tried to catch the last metro back towards the Collegio di Milano. Unfortunately we missed the last metro and instead had to take a taxi. After the taxi ride we arrived at my friend’s apartment at the college. There was a young woman’s birthday party in the lobby and we went down and danced. All in all it was a lot of fun and a great opportunity to socialize with other Americans here in Milano.

On Saturday I wandered back to the consulate and then took a walk to the Duomo. At the Duomo I bought a few gifts for my friends at home.

A couple hundred years ago the Pope gave Milan an extension on carnival. So while the rest of the world began lent on Ash Wednesday this week, Milano continued to party until today Sunday, March 01, 2009. Because of this extension the square in front of the Duomo was packed with children and families celebrating the last few days of carnival. Wading through the masses I returned back to my apartment, took a nap and prepared for the evening’s festivities.

At nine I wandered over to the marine house and went out dancing with the marines to celebrate the girl’s birthdays. We ended up going to club Alcatraz. Which was amazing. I got pulled into a mash pit, danced, had a blast, and got photos with the marines dancing with the go go girls. I had a wonderful time. We left the club by around 4:00 AM I walked back to the consulate and then from the consulate I walked home to my apartment. I got home by 5:40 AM and slept in Sunday morning.

This concludes my blogging using Microsoft office word’s voice recognition software.

Ciao tutti



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4 responses to “Dancing and the weekend!”

  1. Lander Avatar

    Interesting experiment.

  2. Alex Berger Avatar

    Are there any other regions or cities that have an extension? Seems like a pretty a-typical/cool thing. I'd have never guessed.

  3. DavidBerger Avatar

    I believe its only Milan… its a trip!

  4. DavidBerger Avatar

    I believe its only Milan… its a trip!

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