Nevasheir and a Turkish Bath

Nevashir – the central city of the Cappadokia region was where I decided to have my Turkish Bath. 35 lira (18 dollars) offered me a 2 hour long experience of turkish culture and elegance. I entered the ottoman bath after a long day of hiking and sight seeing in cappadokia. I was greeted by a friendly attendant who directed me to a changing room and furnished me with a simple linen towel to wrap myself.

The first section of the bath was a wood heated sauna fifteen minutes at a humid 110 degrees. I dozed in the heat and felt the weariness of travel and night buses wash away as the fluids drained from every pore on my body. Then the attendant lead me to the hot room where with a loofah I was bathed and shampooed with a scalp massage and a thorough cleaning. From there I was lead to a cool room as a transition. I was allowed to rest in the cool respite for a few minutes and then the masseuse entered and began my massage. starting with a towel coated in fluffy bubbles and soap he filled the towel with air and then by pressing with his hands and pushing the air forward covered my body with warm slippery suds. After the massage I was lead back into the Hot room to take a nap on the Dais in the center, staring up at the ceiling with its ottoman architecture and structure.

after half an hours nap on the marble dais I was lead to the cool room again to bath in a pool of tepid water. after the heat of the other rooms it was a shock to bring me back to consciousness. after a quick dip I was lead out into the entry way where I was treated to glass after glass of apple tea while I was wrapped in a series of different towels. comfortable and warm, sipping tea I rested for another half an hour before dressing and catching my shuttle back to my hotel to crash before my tour and bus back to Istanbul.

If you ever have a chance to experience a Turkish bath… do it. its rejuvenating, and so wonderful.





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  1. AlexBerger Avatar

    Sounds amazing, I want to know more about the process.

  2. AlexBerger Avatar

    Sounds amazing, I want to know more about the process.

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