• The Census, Data and realisation of fundamental rights

    The Census, Data and realisation of fundamental rights

    As a society, and as duty bearers who are acting to provide services and ensure implementation of rights for people around the globe, one of the biggest issues that we face is the flawed, poor quality & quantity of data which in turn leads to incomplete statistics. We quite simply have inadequate and insufficient disaggregated…

  • Blood moon in Copenhagen, 2018

    Blood moon in Copenhagen, 2018

    When one thinks of Copenhagen, and particularly of the city – many things come to mind. The architecture, Nyhaven, Danish Hygge, and the beautiful lakes that dot the city. From the tranquil waters of Sortedams Sø, across the city following the old fortifications and nearly connecting themselves to the bustling (with tourists) harbor of Nyhavn.…

  • Another wonderful year in Copenhagen

    Another wonderful year in Copenhagen

    This spring and summer have been wonderful, filled with dancing and joy. As I sit here, on the cusp of my third year in Copenhagen, I can hardly believe how quickly the time has flown by. The past two years have been a whirlwind of activity, filled with new experiences and challenges. With fantastic trips,…

  • One Year in Copenhagen, Wrapping up my thesis

    One Year in Copenhagen, Wrapping up my thesis

    ne of the things that immediately caught my attention upon arriving in Copenhagen was the stunning architecture, and particularly the feel of the city. Copenhagen feels cozy and accessible, despite being the capital of a Nordic country. The city is highly walkable and studded with Cafe’s and shops, with everything within easy reach. I can…

  • Free Prior and informed consent (FPIC):

    Free Prior and informed consent (FPIC):

    You might have heard the term FPIC floating around more and more in the last few years. It’s been gaining much-needed momentum, especially in regard to indigenous groups, their land rights, international development, and academic research. But what is it? FPIC stands for Free, Prior, and Informed Consent. It’s a concept which ensures that all…

  • Ideating my Thesis

    Ideating my Thesis

    I’m in the last phases of my thesis, working on finishing my final draft, and I realize I haven’t really talked about it that much here on the blog!  My Master’s thesis is the capstone component of my studies here with the Erasmus Mundus Global Studies program, and I’ve been working on narrowing in it’s…

  • ICT4D and Mobile Technologies

    ICT4D and Mobile Technologies

    continuing my research on mobile technologies and their implementation in development. Specifically, I wanted to expand my understanding of the dangers posed by utilizing and implementing these technologies in support of vulnerable populations. Data, and particularly personally identifiable data, often collected alongside geographic (GPS) data can pose a very real physical threat to community members…

  • The Allure of Mobile Technologies in Development: Reflections on Sustainable Development and #mtech

    The Allure of Mobile Technologies in Development: Reflections on Sustainable Development and #mtech

    Today, with the rising inequalities in access to services and opportunities, the threats of a changing climate and environment, and the rapid expansion of consumptive production capacities and requisite focus on continued, sustained growth, the need for sustainable practices which minimize or mitigate harm, and empower ownership and investment in local resources is unquestionable.

  • Six months in Copenhagen

    Six months in Copenhagen

    I arrived in Copenhagen in June of 2016, in the height of summer, with an amazing trip to Myanmar planned in July and the start of studies at the middle of August. Now that those fantastic trips have come to a close, I’m reflecting on an amazing and blessed life.  My studies have started at…

  • Exploring beautiful Copenhagen

    Exploring beautiful Copenhagen

    I’ve just arrived here in Copenhagen for the second time in as many months and it is just as wonderful and exciting as I remember. It’s been too long since I’ve had the chance to visit, to really settle in and get comfortable. In winter of 2014, at the end of my contract as a…