COVID Springtime

It’s a strange time to be alive. The world is in the grip of a pandemic that has changed everything. Government lockdown, restrictions on gatherings, and remote working. People are staying at home, avoiding crowds, wearing masks as they should. The streets are empty, non-essential shops are closed. The news is full of grim statistics and dire warnings.

We are allowed to go out into fresh air, of course not in large groups. I have been walking around the city’s parks and soaking in the flowers and fresh air, despite the pandemic. I have been noticing the details that I usually miss: the colors, the shapes, the textures, the sounds. I have been feeling a connection with nature. When restricted, suddenly it seems brighter. Isn’t that always such a funny thing.

I know that this is not a permanent situation. I know that things will eventually get better. I know that we will overcome this together. But I also know that I will never forget this springtime in the throes of a new pandemic, a global virus that could be truly catastrophic for us. I hope you will have a chance to find some beauty in this madness. I hope you will stay safe and healthy.






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