We pulled into Amsterdam at 6 am, we wandered through the closed streets, to be faced with thousands of Dutch dressed in Pure white and wearing fairy masks, ears, sparklers and who knows what else. Sensation White was in Amsterdam and the arena was packed to the gills with Dutch and visitors enjoying the Blacklights and city wide rave that SW brings to bear.

we walked the city with these white denizens searching for a hostel and a hotel. after three hours we gave in and used the tourist information office to help us located and book our hostel rooms. they found us one hostel, the WORST hostel (really they’ve won awards) for 22.50 a night. Small towels, no air conditioning, rooms with barred windows that open 2.54 centimeters and dirty floors, graffitied walls, but clean sheets.

The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel has been open and providing the worst service and accomodation for the lowest price in amsterdamn since the 1950s. I dont think they’ve repainted or cleaned since it opened either.

Luckily for me I wasn’t destined to spend much more time than the two evenings I had booked actually in the hostel. Instead I spent my time on a leisurely bike tour, a walk, Heineken tour, and kick butt Zoo tour.

I did enter two coffee shops, however I did not partake. I had a really nice Bananna smoothie and a cigar (straight tobacco).

I then went out and adventured through the streets finding clubs and bars to visit in the night.

Taking thorough documentation of the city I snipped pictures here and there as I wandered and then spent th rest of the time simly enjoying the atmosphere of the city. Although ditry and really strained the city istelf is still a mirror of its seventeenth century beauty.

Quiet an enjoyable and high energy constantly in party mode few days.