Update from Zambia: August 17th

Wed. Aug 17th. So. My leg got owned by something. Four half dollar sized bites are super itchy but manageable. I’m still loving Zambia.

Today we built protective and preventative health structures in our training communities. IE: We fenced off a well to prevent animals and children from harm and built drying racks so dishes were kept from contamination.

This morning we learned about PACA, participatory analysis for community action. The seasons are changing and the transition is in full swing. Hot winds are bringing the winter to a close as the hot season approaches. Then at the end of October come the life giving rains. Its a beautiful cyclical life in a polychronic society. Wonderful. The people are wonderful. Brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers of the earth. Full of respect, motivation, patience and uncanny understanding. Miss home and family but happy and contented here. I’m headed out, shalenipo.



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  1. Glenn Jimerson Avatar
    Glenn Jimerson

    It took my northern hemisphere brain a second to process why you were going from winter to summer. Good to hear about your adventures and stay away from the hippos. Those things are dangerous. 🙂

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