Working the nights away

So, you might not know this about me, but I’m safely indoors, windows closed, netting drawn tight, candles blazing as soon as those last tender rays of sunshine vanish from the horizon. It’s a defense mechanism bred of the misery of being outside without repellant and long sleeves/pants. Also…it’s my quiet time.

Time set aside to reflect and be a receiver to the universal signal. Some nights though it’s workin’ time. Time to bear down under the onus of responsibility and write out trainings, plan, and conceptualize my global action plan for my service. It’s under constant revision and being updated every moment as new sources of information and minutiae of local culture are absorbed and processed. Somewhere in that mess I’m growing as a teacher as well. Developing my skills at community integration, mobilization, and capacity building. By improving myself I improve all those who interact with me. It turns out to be quite the personal exploration and growth opportunity.

Those are nights like tonight, where under cover of three candles, I have a plethora of papers spread out before me. Maps, asset listings, problem trees, training resources, my Bemba language book, blank and half completed flip chart presentations. Any way I turn in 180 degrees is information waiting to be sorted and fit into a two year puzzle. Pretty spectacular challenge. I love it.

Just thought I’d share the moment!


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