All packed up, we said goodbye to Chisunka, piled into the car and headed south. We were on the road to Lake Bengweulu, Samfya district.

Samfya is something special – it’s a gorgeous lake smack dab in the southen part of Luapula. It spans two provinces and is just big enough that you can’t see the other shore. What that means, and this is what makes Samfya so special, is that with the surrounding climatic conditions, in the evening the water literally meets the sky and forms an imperceptible boundary. The sky at sunrise and sunset mirrored in the lake creates an endless skyline, or in the case of sunset, an eerie boiling lake of fire, shifting the various degrees of the sunset’s pcolours.

What made this visit to Samfya even more special and rewarding was being able to share it with my family. The colors and magical beauty of the sunset and climatic conditions really made it spectacular. Being able to sit out and listen to the lake’s waters lap slowly at the shore while nature put on its most beautiful light show was wonderful. We had some traditional Zambian food – chicken, nshima, kale and cabbage and a soda pop, and relaxed our way into another wonderful African night.

It’s amazing – you can go just about anywhere in the world and find an ice cold Coke. In fact I think I’m going to go find one right now! Cheers!



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