Idle writing

Somedays, you just write.

It’s an honest sentiment. Sometimes days come along and inspire an internal turmoil and call to expression that drive you to madly tap out these wonderful little symbols and turn thoughts, emotions, and the intangible inner workings of our minds and hearts into words. Words clump together and link to form sentences, in my case often ignoring grammar, and we flow from there into the sea of paragraphs.

I can’t explain the motivation behind these days. In other planar realms perhaps an ethereal being reaches down and stuffs a few too many thoughts in to our skulls and they’ve got to pour out somewhere. Then again, other days it’s just a blank stub of grey matter, cold and on auto-pilot, incapable of meaningful interaction. Luckily at the moment those days are few and far between – although the sluggish mire of controlled and automatic responses without comprehension are increasing.

Nevertheless, despite that atrociously long babble, this blog is about… Oh. Sorry. Mind blank! This blog is about writing, because today, I felt like writing about feeling like writing. Yikes.

I’ve written before about finding intellectual motivation, flipping the on switch etc, which are ways I’ve discovered to overcome my own personal writers block. But then there are random events that always seem to properly motivate me.

Take today for instance. For the last two days I’ve been sitting pretty in the eye of a veritable thunderstorm convention. Yet not a DROP has fallen here on my hut! Ridiculous! Like I’m stuck in some vortex of anti-rain energies. So, finally today after hours and hours of thunder and gorgeous lightening shows, a brisk wind whips up, and the clouds speed away. Only after I’m staring at a giant double rainbow and looking up into blue skies, does it start to drizzle. A pathetic little mist that at most could be described as sufficient to dampen the taste of the air.

Granted the beauty of the moment wasn’t lost on me. Blue skies, retreating clouds, thunder in the distance and massive double rainbows… But COME ON! A drizzle? After two days of bluster? Weak.

That frustration aside, the “moistened” air did smell delightful and big thunderstorms always leave that charged feeling wafting through the air.

I am particularly excited about my rainy season garden and finishing my cistern projects, allowing me to create a wet growing paradise year-round.

I’m not sure what else to include here. I have a bat friend who seems determined to enter my home – judging by the thumping noises and scratching against my thatch – thoroughly terrifying me the first night I hear him. I have a mouse whose time shall soon come – Dartagnon is soon to return. I pan roasted some soybeans and have been nibbling to see if my system has rejected even their pure unprocessed goodness.

Also, I mixed powdered milk and fiber this morning to disastrous effects. First off it was in my canteen, second although it tasted fine, it left a slick residue in the canteen, and to my horror, the milk then began to smell rancid – foul.

I suppose that will have to do – mostly because my poor thumbs hurt from all this texting!

Good day!



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