An evening home

Howdy folks,

Well, after a quick jaunt over to Mansa, I’m back at my hut and enjoying a quiet rain filled night, accompanied by my Goal Zero Rockout speakers, my new IPod (my last one was stolen unfortunately) and Jo Berger’s original tunes. It’s fantastic to have my mothers voice and music as comfort in the middle of the African bush.

My beloved cat has been “missing” now for a month, and I have suspicions that he was hunted and eaten. I’m still a bit sad about it, but need to move on as I now have 3 large rats who’ve moved into my hut.

I made a nice dinner of rice, pumpkin leaves and ground up dried caterpillars. Tasted delicious, and now I’m enjoying the interplay of clouds and the stifled sunset, the rosy rays choked and struggling to break through the thick clouds.

In just a little while I’ll retire inside with a hot cup of soup, and then relax to the sweet sounds of Zambian night and village life.

Another perfect evening in Zambia.






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