Quick Update March!

Good morning friends!

I’m once again a few weeks behind on my posts. I wrote up a few quick updates last time, but I’m afraid I’ve just been too immersed in my community to find time to write and reflect on these last few weeks. I’ve been able to find a moment of peace and quiet this week, as I’ve been the temporary duty PCVL. That means I’ve been in Mansa, and had access to delightful hot showers, an electric stove, refrigerator and a shoprite! I’m not going to gloss over it, the result is a well rested, well fed, and clean me!

This week has been an interesting road test of what it would be like if I followed through on my plans to be PCVL – Peace Corps Volunteer Leader of a provincial Peace Corps office/resource center when I officially close my service in September of 2013. I’m feeling a little mixed on the subject. It’s hard to gauge from this week’s experience, because I’m caught in the adjustment from village life to being in town, which I feel will take more than a week. As a result I need to look at the experience through a more open lens, and try to compensate for that adjustment. Overall I feel like it’s manageable. Being able to stay in town opens up a wide range of opportunities. Time to get to know my district and provincial Zambian governmental staff better, and the opportunity to network as well, but I also has given me some time to reflect and catch up, look into graduate programs and test the waters of the job market.

I was contacted by a prospective Zambia volunteer last week! I’m so excited to get to know them and help them prepare for Zambia!






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