Quick catchup! A little summary of whats to come this next week!

Good morning folks!

It’s been just over a month since I last posted an update – I was talking about EverQuest, and the monumental task of sorting out tangible and intangible results from my service, and how I’m subconsciously reacting to the nature of our work as Peace Corps Volunteers – the sustainable, human capacity building aspect which doesn’t necessarily fulfill the desire to leave behind a visible, tangible “monument”.

I’ll toss up some bullets, to give myself a couple days to pull together the blogs needed to bring myself up to date.

My following post will be on finishing out the month of April with some work at the Provincial office, and then the great opportunity I had to help with the posting process of our recently sworn in Rural Aquaculture and Linking Income with Food and Environment Volunteers! I’ll talk a little more about that experience a little bit later.

After Posting, I headed back to the vill, sorted out some last minute things and took what I expect to be my last trip up to some of my favorite Waterfalls. I camped out in my hammock, enjoyed the cool breeze rolling off the water, and after a quick weekend was back on the way in the Provincial house for our Provincial meetings – a golden time when all of the new and old volunteers come together for an administrative update, and to report in to their respective district and provincial offices.

After our meeting I was on the road again, headed down to Lusaka and preparing myself for our Pre Service Training General Training of Teachers (isn’t that a mouthful?). We camped out for a night in Lusaka, then grabbed a ride and found ourselves settling in to an old familiar haunt – the Chalimbana FTI training center in Chongwe. I’ll touch on that experience as well in a later post.

Looking forward to sharing my last few weeks with you,







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