Headed up to Lizard Pass

Good evening folks,

It’s good to get a chance to sit down and start writing. It’s been a while, so please excuse me as I brush off the dust, settle into the couch, and start typing.

It was a cool morning, the rains having passed in the night. The strong scent of sage and brush-land, the delicious crisp taste of the fresh Colorado air. We woke up, had delicious cup of coffee and got ready. Then we piled into the truck for our morning drive out the west fork of the Dolores. We were headed up into the wild country, over Lizard Head Pass and down into the valley.

As we wound our way up toward the pass, we slipped between gorgeous red stone – shadowing the gentle curves of the river as it flowed down and wound its way from the highland meadows.

We pulled over and took a quick break on the side of the road. As we stood on the shoulder of the road and looked down at the muddy river, washing away rich soil downstream. We soaked in the sights, and let our eyes follow the river up into the hills.

Headed up to Lizard Head Pass, Looking down on the lazy curves of the Dolores River

We piled back into the truck as a set of clouds rolled over the mountain top. As we wound up to the top of the pass we began to peak into the mountaintop meadows. The rolling green grasses greeted us as we slipped over the last rise, through the pine, and then drove into the meadows. There is a beautiful cabin perched up on top of that meadow, separated out and sitting, established, comfortable.

We rolled by it, and as the clouds settled down into the meadow, we were covered in a light mist, then came a gentle rain. The cloud passed in patchwork around us as we arrived at the national park service signage.

Up and over – the Lizard Head Pass before dropping down into the West Fork of the Dolores Valley

As we passed down from the top of the pass, we noticed some amazingly creative erosion control. The Forest Service has used an old vehicle, and wedged it into a ravine which was eroding. Pretty neat!

Creative Erosion Control on Lizard Head Pass






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