Telluride, on the way to Ouray!

The Last time I reminisced, I was thinking of our drive up over Lizard Head pass, and down into the west fork of the Dolores. We’d passed through beautiful mountain meadows, and back down to the familiar, gorgeous beauty of the Dolores river valley and the McPhee reservoir.
The next series of memories that came to me, were of our trip up to Ouray, through Telluride, up a twisting road, the shadows of the mountains sweeping across the pavement, as we wound back into the valleys.

We’d been adventuring for a while, and after a long restful few days in south western Colorado country, we started out on the next leg of our adventure. A journey is always easier with a fresh start, and as we drove up into the midlands of Colorado, the country-side and beauty slipped by in an easy fashion.

We wound and twisted our way along the mountains, and after a quiet, scenic drive through a winding valley, we broke out into open ground. We kept our eyes peeled, and as the hills started to close in on us again, we made the turn, well we angled I suppose, toward Telluride. The roads administration there were adding a new round about to help control traffic, and as we circled around we began our trip down that beautiful set of open fields, leading back to a magnificent peak and the swirling white waters of the major waterfall behind the town.

We found ourselves in the familiar town, nestled into the sharp V of the valley, and after getting lost and confused in the maze of one way streets, found a quick parking space, fed the meter and started walking in search of lunch. Four hungry Bergers are a force to be reckoned with, and after some searching, we found our spot. A delicious little rib joint, relocated to the base of the ski elevators. We stepped inside and ordered a heap of ribs, sweet potato fries, and fried okra. I’m sure you can imagine what shock I was in. I’d been home a little over a week, and my body was already in a wonderland of food, flavours, and excitement. Add to that a delicious dark porter, big fall off the bone ribs, and crispy spiced sweet potato fries and battered okra… it was heaven.

We finished lunch, savoring every bite, and then we headed to the lifts, took a spin up the mountain, and around the upper part of Telluride, before returning to the truck and heading out. We were on our way to Ouray!


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