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  • Highlight from our Danish Roadtrip: Rubjerg Knude!

    Highlight from our Danish Roadtrip: Rubjerg Knude!

    As we wound and wandered our way through northern Jutland (mainland Denmark), we stopped over in Aalborg, and spent the night in a lovely AirBnB. The next morning it was on to adventure, and the day held a series of beautiful forests, preserves, and the fantastic Rubjerg Knude Fyr! The Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse. (Beautiful Forest…

  • Valley of Fire Photos!

    Valley of Fire Photos!

    I posted last week with a couple of photo’s and a brief introduction to the Valley of Fire, but I wanted to follow up with a link to the photo album on Flickr! You can find more of these Photos at: David N. Berger’s Flickr Album: Valley of Fire

  • Heading home from the Rockies

    Heading home from the Rockies

    Hello there! Welcome back, as I mentioned in my last post, it had been a gorgeous few weeks. Our trip up and over the Rockies and then back down into Grand Lake was exhilarating. As our family wandered through the San Juan and Rocky Mountains we were treated to a stunning, exceptional series of moments…

  • A day trip in the Rocky Mountains

    A day trip in the Rocky Mountains

    We’d spent the night in Grand Lake, in a cozy restored cabin, resting along a small creek that fed down into the lake itself. With a bubbling brook on one side, and the great grand lake to the other, it was a beautiful restful night. We found good food for dinner (Ma cooked), and we…

  • The Black Canyon of the Gunnison

    It was already the next morning, the sun seeming to race across the horizon and stream into the sky. The light was just starting to pick up in the valley as we checked out, loaded up and started on our way. We were headed up to the north country, towards Rocky Mountain National Park and…

  • Telluride, on the way to Ouray!

    The Last time I reminisced, I was thinking of our drive up over Lizard Head pass, and down into the west fork of the Dolores. We’d passed through beautiful mountain meadows, and back down to the familiar, gorgeous beauty of the Dolores river valley and the McPhee reservoir. The next series of memories that came…