Silverton Colorado

Heading home from the Rockies

Hello there!

Welcome back, as I mentioned in my last post, it had been a gorgeous few weeks. Our trip up and over the Rockies and then back down into Grand Lake was exhilarating. As our family wandered through the San Juan and Rocky Mountains we were treated to a stunning, exceptional series of moments as nature displayed its wonders and delights. The fall changing of the Aspen trees, the mountains, valleys, rivers, streams and waterfalls left us awestruck. Compounded with the chance to be home with family, all of us reunited after over a year could not be beat.

As we wandered back down from Grand Lake, towards Durango and Silverton on the last legs of our road trip, we were greeted with terrific splendors.

Streams, crashing and tumbling down the mountainsides as we wandered through valleys and passes, caught and pulled out our heartstrings. The rush of the water and it’s thundering gurgle insiting that we pull over and take a moment on the roadside to stand, and watch in wonder the glory of the mountain’s tears.

As we drew closer to Silverton, we wound down into it’s protective valley, and were greeted with the beauty of oxidized ore, beautiful aspen shedding their beautiful green mantles to red and then gold.

“Rusted rock and beautiful fall color”

We turned the last corner, and were greeted by this spur of rock and beautiful color. Stopping in the shade of an aspen, we took a moment to enjoy the valley and a passing rainbow, before continuing the drop down to the town itself.

I was lucky enough to capture that rainbow, and here it is!

“Rainbow on the road down into Silverton”

Silverton itself didn’t disappoint. A beautiful little town tucked into a mountain vale, complete with a gorgeous steam train, and spectacular views. We found ourselves wandering our way around town before heading up and over the pass to Ouray.

Such a fantastic area of Colorado, beautiful, and worth taking the time to drive over.





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