Month: March 2015

  • The Valley of Fire: January’s Journey

    The Valley of Fire: January’s Journey

    Hello folks! I know I promised that I’d be doing a bit of catching up, and although I’ll come back to Denmark and the family’s visit, I wanted to diverge for a post or two and talk about my first couple of weeks back in the U.S. I arrived home in Arizona in mid December,…

  • Art and Sculptures Abound

    Art and Sculptures Abound

    Discovering the Gyptotek, Copenhagen

  • A Living City

    A Living City

    Copenhagen is a living, breathing city. Full of warmth, green spaces, and a welcoming atmosphere. Here, caught on the last few bright sunny days of autumn, as the cool winds and cold breezeā€™s start to wind their way into the city, the folks who call Copenhagen home stand ready, prepared for the onslaught of customers.…

  • Denmark: Wandering and Arriving

    Denmark: Wandering and Arriving

    Arriving in Denmark, and Wanderlust