Month: March 2015

  • The Valley of Fire: January’s Journey

    The Valley of Fire: January’s Journey

    Hello folks! I know I promised that I’d be doing a bit of catching up, and although I’ll come back to Denmark and the family’s visit, I wanted to diverge for a post or two and talk about my first couple of weeks back in the U.S. I arrived home in Arizona in mid December,…

  • Art and Sculptures Abound

    Art and Sculptures Abound

    Discovering the Gyptotek, Copenhagen

  • A Living City

    A Living City

    Copenhagen is a living, breathing city. Full of warmth, green spaces, and a welcoming atmosphere. Here, caught on the last few bright sunny days of autumn, as the cool winds and cold breeze’s start to wind their way into the city, the folks who call Copenhagen home stand ready, prepared for the onslaught of customers.…

  • Denmark: Wandering and Arriving

    Denmark: Wandering and Arriving

    Arriving in Denmark, and Wanderlust