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  • What is a Peace Corps Volunteer Leader?

    What is a Peace Corps Volunteer Leader?

    Peace Corps summary, and what a Peace Corps Volunteer Leader is

  • Reflections on Service – Choice and Volunteering

    Choose to be yourself, choose to savor every moment, and to share your blessings with those who did not have access to the same resources, choose to stand forward, and give. Even a man with nothing can step forward and choose to give everything. When I worked for the American Red Cross in the Arizona…

  • Friday Morning Memories

    Hey guys, I figured I’d take one of the quieter nights as I wait for the beach to empty from the night’s festivities of BBQ and beach fires/fireworks to sit down and tell a little story about last Thursday. Hope you enjoy. It was Thursday night. I lay hot, tired, but unable to sleep. We’d…

  • Bolzano/Bozen – The Last Supper

    2009 – feb 28th Last week of February in review Bolzano, Bozen – a long day starting at 5am and ending at 7pm as we rolled back into Centrale Station. A week of hard work with extensive reward. Visiting the Last Supper – beautiful, the unbelievable power and money of religion… always evocative, it never…