London Dublin Edinburgh Journal 3

Journal Three-
What an exciting morning. I awoke today to discover that it was bright and sunny, such a different city with a little sunlight. We met up with some others in our floor kitchen and decided to all head over to the Natural History museum, an unbelievable place full of wonders and excitement! As we wandered through the museum it felt like we could stay for hours more and only touch the surface of the history enclosed therein. My two favorite displays were the Green display (wildlife, birds etc) and the gemstone collection on the third floor. The collection of Aurora diamonds was beyond compare, and in black light some of them glowed different colours. Sparking, gorgeous rocks which captivate and scintillate. Out of the green exhibit the most terrible and yet beautiful piece was a long glass window approximately 8 by 5 filled with what seemed like thousands of birds. Layered four deep there literally were only a few inches between each bird on branches inside the case. It was sad because all those birds were killed and stuffed to make the display, but beautiful for their feathers and stunning colours.

I stayed later than my companions at the museum and later caught up with them outside where they had been waiting for me. We walked back toward the housing and ended up stopping at a little sandwich place where I bought some spaghetti, it was the first food I had bought all day, and without a doubt it was amazing. Ordering it was interesting; I was trying to learn how this baguette sandwich worked. I asked the girls at the counter who gave me odd glances and shrugs… despite the fact that they make them… that was fun. Instead I turned to a man in a suit next to me and asked him. He was happy to help and I managed to order without a hitch. After getting some food we walked up to Hyde Park and lay out in the sun in the thick grass. We rested for a few hours then came back to the housing to nap for a while.

I woke up a little late at 6:45 after my nap, which was unfortunate because I was to meet some girls at Kings Cross at 7:00. I felt bad but it worked out for the best. They had left by the time I arrived and I had the pleasure of wandering about Kings cross for two full hours. I stopped by a local market and picked up some pastries and a 700ml bottle of water. I wandered some more and found myself intrigued by a sculpture which had been erected on an ally wall. I walked down the alleyway and found myself at a restaurant which was doing a pre opening special. I got a whiskey and sour and had a nice conversation with the bartender.

The bartender was friendly and offered me advice on places to go dancing. One place he mentioned was a club called salsa. This club played primarily its namesake in dance with a lot of Meringue and a tiny amount of Bachata. There was a live band that played Salsa, Mambo and Raeggeton. After midnight there was a DJ who picked songs. I paid the £8 cover which was hefty and stayed from nine until 2 when the club closed. They dance a slightly different style but I figured it out and after starting their way drew the women to my way of dancing. I had a blast and danced all night.

When I left an older women recognized my accent as foreign and asked if I’d ever ridden the bus. I said no so she walked me to the bus station and showed me how to tell which line to ride. I caught the bus and learned a stop too late that the drivers don’t announce the stops. One must know where they want to stop before they board and what it looks like. It only added ten minutes onto my walk which was fine. By three I had made it to Sainsbury’s a local grocer and picked up supplies to make sandwiches for the next trips and cheap lunches. I wandered home and was in bed by four. All in all, a great day.





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