I Arrived in Brasov at 2pm found my hostel by 2:30 and then headed out to walk the city and explore. Romanian architecture is mostly German. When it was unified to become the Romanian Kingdom, a German man was chosen as king and the German influences abound. Romanian language doesn’t use the cyrillic alphabet, and better yet, it is based on latin. Being able to read the signs and understand large portions of the language made Romania a lot of fun.

The city of Brasov is beautiful, quaint, but also jumping. The people are clear eyed – mostly blue and green – with brown to dark blond hair. I bought a replacement earring (my earring from Venice had broken and I had to replace it) and looked in vain for a place to go dancing. Satisfied with a quiet night I hit the hostel, watched the movie Taken (brilliantly retarded) with five girls from the hostel, had a nightcap and hit the sack. Showering early in the morning I hopped on a guided tour of Peles Palace (SPECTACULAR) Bran Castle (weak) and Rasov Fortress.

Peles is an example of wealth beyond wealth. Built from 1873 to 1918 the palace is decorated in intricate inlays of wood. There are no paintings. Instead, each portrait and work of art is made of between 10 and 20 kinds of inlaid woods, done in unbelievably intricate work. There are life sized detailed wood carved statues – the men are in decorated platemai. The wood is meticulously carved including the embroidery and embossing of the would-be steel. The intricate lacework of the wood continues down to the chain mail undergarments, each ring distinct and clearly carved. Outside of the entry hall there are long rectangular rooms, each representing a different culture from Italian, German, Swiss, Venetian, Spanish and French. Each room is made of materials imported from that area mimicking its greatest and most beautiful treasures. The Turkish room for example is a full room with every square inch covered in silk carpets including the floors, walls, ceilings, tables, chairs…everything in the room is embroidered intricate silk… Stunning.

In shock from the display and deeply saddened that I hadn’t paid the 20 euro to take pictures I wandered through the extensive gardens before being collected by our guide and lead on to the very disappointing Bran castle – nothing more than a weak, small, bare hill fort protecting a small unessential pass.

We made it to Rasov Castle and enjoyed the view as an afternoon storm rushed over the castle walls and covered everything in rain and storm. I had the driver drop me at the train station and started to Beograd.