Buda and Pest

I pulled into Budapest around that night. Wandered my way through the metro and found myself along with a fellow Kiwi to Tiger Tim’s Hostel. We dropped our gear and rested up before heading out on the town. Grabbing dinner with the crew and then headed out into Budapest’s nightlife. Decent, not thriving but still pretty hard hitting. We went out together as a hostel, so as a group we were about 20-25 and we mixed and had a decent time at a few clubs and House bars. We came in around 4 am and crashed. Not too bad of a welcome to Budapest.

I woke up the next morning bright and early at 9 am, stumbled about the hostel sleep deprived until I managed to connive some norwegian girls to make me coffee and tea and then grabbed my camera, a cold douse of water over my face and began to walk the city.

I passed some great signs:

Easy Woman Sign

and then started into the city architecture:

Lions head walls\

An Archer in the park: Surprise!!
Archer in the Park

and then found myself facing a giant memorial which dominated the northern half of the city of Buda. The memorial built in commemoration of the Hungarian empire documents its great kings and leaders and is dominated by an angel lead by what I presume is a statue of the first kings of Hungary. the Orthodox cross raised high.
Chariot Horses:
Chariot Horses

First kings:

Second King


After the monument I headed into the park and found the Buda castle an amazing structure which now houses the Budapest Natural History Museum.

Castle gate


and the statue of Anonymous:


Complete with beautiful women crawling on it: Anonymous with Anon Girl.

I wandered around the park to the Bath’s and watched Hungarians and tourists play in the waters before taking a shot of the entry way Building above Public Baths

After the park I called it an afternoon and headed back to the hostel. But only for a short while, I took myself a nap and then headed out to see Pest!



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2 responses to “Buda and Pest”

  1. AlexBerger Avatar

    Sounds like a full day! Love the photos – the hooded figures are incredible.

  2. AlexBerger Avatar

    Sounds like a full day! Love the photos – the hooded figures are incredible.

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