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  • A Peace Corps Volunteer Leader in Zambia

    A Peace Corps Volunteer Leader in Zambia

    In my last post I gave a short overview of the Peace Corps, and the Peace Corps today, and then I talked a bit about Peace Corps’s development model, and followed it up with the definition of a Peace Corps Volunteer Leader from the Global Peace Corps Manual. I promised that today I’d talk a…

  • Describing life – Living in Chisunka

    Describing PC Life in Chisunka, Zambia. Reflections from when I was 24. A short video from my service when I was 24, describing my catchment and post.

  • Our last week in Training.

    Our last week in Training.

    Well, I guess its about time I got my blog on huh? A ton of updates coming this week. Especially regarding the fact that I am now, officially and Peace Corps Volunteer! Let me Bold that, I am now, Officially, a Peace Corps Volunteer!!!! haha. Training is completed. Our eleven weeks of intensive language, technical…

  • Update from Zambia: August 17th

    Update from Zambia: August 17th

    Limited internet access. Have to send updates through Facebook, typed on my phone. Cisuma. Monday Aug fifteenth. Things here in Kabeleka are going well. I’m integrating well into my host family and an progressing in technical and language training. We had our first language session exam today. I felt very confident in it. I can…

  • Keeping Up to Date

    A quick note on my current application status and development of opportunities involving the U.S. Peace Corps