Update from Zambia: August 17th

Limited internet access. Have to send updates through Facebook, typed on my phone.

Cisuma. Monday Aug fifteenth. Things here in Kabeleka are going well. I’m integrating well into my host family and an progressing in technical and language training. We had our first language session exam today. I felt very confident in it. I can now introduce myself. Name nationality profession and marital status, a colleague and greet politely. I can identify and introduce my family in both the U.S. And Zambia, name parts of the body, express commands politely, express sickness and discomfort, what foods I enjoy, household garden and classroom objects, five tenses, possessives, locatives and six of eighteen noun classes.

I’ve been staying very busy and keeping myself focused. I love Zambia so far and an really enjoying the people and atmosphere. Music is everywhere, respect and kindness sum up Zambian demeanor. I’m sleeping well and enjoying the rural aspect of training.

As expected there is little developed infrastructure. No running water, electricity or plumbing. I’m still amazed by cell coverage here. Pretty neat.

I got my first few letters last week! I love them! They are really fantastic! Send more! More later! Goodnight! Sendamenipo!


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