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  • The next step: Poland and Denmark

    The next step: Poland and Denmark

    Friends, Family: I have fantastic news to share. Although this last week has been exceptionally stressful, there has been some bright light at the end of the tunnel. On Tuesday of last week, an offer arrived from the Erasmus Mundus Global Studies programme consortium. A couple hours later, as the work day in the U.S.…

  • Travel Safety in Africa

    Travel Safety in Africa

    David is a veteran traveler with more than 30 countries under his belt. In today’s interview I asked him about how to travel safely on a budget (including hitch hiking) in sub-Saharan Africa. David shares his personal experience, observations, tips and tricks accrued over three years serving as a US Peace Corps Volunteer (his opinions…

  • The Chibwantu Machine!

    The Chibwantu Machine!

    Trying my hand at an old Atlas manual grain mill. The maize kernels are taken, ground into a thick cut maize, an then that maize is used to make a local cooked maize/water drink known as Chibwantu. The grinders can also be adjusted to a finer cut, which can be used to make mealie meal…

  • Describing life – Living in Chisunka

    Describing PC Life in Chisunka, Zambia. Reflections from when I was 24. A short video from my service when I was 24, describing my catchment and post.

  • Exploring – Gen. Update September

    Exploring – Gen. Update September

    Hey all! I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve had a chance to write and I apologize for the delay. Internet access and availability is pretty rough and unfortunately cell service can be pretty frustrating. I’ve been asking my brother to post on my behalf through text messages posted to facebook, so I’m…

  • Update from Zambia: August 17th

    Update from Zambia: August 17th

    Limited internet access. Have to send updates through Facebook, typed on my phone. Cisuma. Monday Aug fifteenth. Things here in Kabeleka are going well. I’m integrating well into my host family and an progressing in technical and language training. We had our first language session exam today. I felt very confident in it. I can…