Continuation Jan 31st

Journal 11 – 31 Jan 2009

Whew, Fun. Just got in from basketball. Damn its cold outside! Tomorrow it is supposed to snow I think. Cold man. Waiting for Nico to take a shower, doing laundry, writing and soon online to chat with mom and get my homework for the week. Should be able to do it. Hope so. We will see. Basketball was good, 2 v 2, did well. Scored 2 points out of three games haha, but not bad, was fun… got some exercise, gotta do some body weight exercises. O well, tonight Nico will make pasta with Mexican beans and pesce (starts with a C but I know it’s a type of fish haha). Then after I think I’ll go over to the club down the street.

Keepin this short because its cold and I need to talk to mum.







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