Friday the 20th Milan

Friday Feb 20th 2009,

Today was a good day at work, instead of going to Bolzano – we changed our schedule to next week. I went to the Marine House after work for the Chili Cookoff! An annual event held by the Marine House in which consular employees bring chili which is then judged by colleagues. After everyone descends on the chili, conversation begins and people just focus on building community. I had a blast…played 3 games of pool and won 2/3…very fun.

The Marine House is near the consulate on one of the higher floors and has a wonderful balcony with a great view of the surrounding area. Inside is a full bar, dining room, recreation rooms and the Marine living quarters. A great place to host events.

We had six different types of chili – all of which were very tasty. From very spicy to moderately sweet – each type had its own texture and taste. I went for the combination approach and tossed them all together.






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