October – I Saw The Rains Down in Africa, Toto ….

What a fantastic week! Still blogging via cell phone, texting and facebook. What a mind blowing experience. It just doesn’t settle in, no running water, no electricity, dirt floors and walls, a pit latrine, cooking over open fire…. And texting. That’s development 🙂 Hear good things from back home in the states, glad folks can keep up with me through the site. Love zambia, zambians, zampop. Ha.

So we had our language final on friday. It was nerve racking for sure, but I think it went well. Explained myself, about chip, peace corps, the red cross, my work in the states, about family, made up an improv song in bemba about malaria and hiv… I sang it on the spot during my interview, talked about prevention and forest fires, about leadership and development. Pretty extensive forty five minute interview all in bemba! Whew. Felt good coming out of it though.

Saturday it rained, a full twenty four days early. My first rain in Africa, to compliment my first spectacular lightening storm… scintillating, enchanting…. African. Being the first rains since April, everything smelled fantastic, and oddly enough like a humidor, pretty neat! — Spent Sunday relaxing, studying my speech for swear-in and sorting my music. Lots to do 🙂

Still hunting for appropriate technology resources, pioneering etc. Had some great ones thrown my way, but always want more. We are literally pioneering . I can’t wait for my house! I have so many wonderful ideas about what to do to it. I think one external wall, I’ll cement it, then make it a black board and have health tips, recipes, info graphics, etc drawn on it in bemba for the community. Gotta do gutters and rain water catchment work as well.

Miss everyone back home.
Kafikenipo – go well !






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  1. Henry Avatar

    Nate, I am so happy that you are getting so much out of your work in Africa. Your blog is interesting, well written and clearly conveys your enthusiasm. I plan to check it regularly during the week. Best of luck and keep exploring! Best, h

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