An evening home

Feb 8th, 2013 David Berger 1 min read

Howdy folks, Well, after a quick jaunt over to Mansa, I’m back at my hut and enjoying a quiet rain filled night, accompanied by my Goal Zero Rockout speakers, my new IPod (my last one was stolen unfortunately) and Jo Berger’s original tunes. It’s fantastic to have my mothers voice and music as comfort in the middle of the African bush. My beloved cat has…

HIV, Stigma, Fear, and a personal experience.

Feb 6th, 2013 David Berger 8 min read

In my last post I helped you all catch up with some of the more recent, and quite painful events. I focused in on a tragic example from this past week, and I mentioned a little about teaching methods, stigma regarding HIV, and fear. It’s important to note that my last post was focused in on the event and immediate feelings caused by them. It’s…

A tragic end to January –

Feb 4th, 2013 David Berger 7 min read

Good afternoon folks, I have been trying to decide how to write this post for a long while now, and I can honestly say that it has been a long time coming, but is unfortunately a dark and difficult topic at best. I think it is fair to start with recent events, which have been the catalyst that brought me to writing about the subject….

REPOST: Sundays free write: a precipice of kinetic decisions

Feb 2nd, 2013 David Berger 4 min read

This is, as the title implies, Sunday’s free write. I have this interminable feeling of hunger and anxiety today. Yesterday marked the funeral of the third community member this week, and as the weather continues to shift into its rainy season pattern, malaria cases will rise, coupled with poorer nutrition due to hunger season. So will the death knells. Hunger season, FYI is the time…

Channukah, Christmas and New Years

Feb 2nd, 2013 David Berger 1 min read

Christmas and New Years: Well, Channukah, Christmas and New Years this year were a hoot! I built a Menorah out of bamboo, and celebrated Channukah in my village, in my hut – then headed in to the provincial house to celebrate Christmas with my fellow volunteers. We danced, we ate, we had a white elephant party ( I got a can of Doom and some…