Friday night in a beautiful city J.16

Ciao Tutti! Come state? Io sto benino. Non sono cosi cosi…non sono bene…Io sto benino! Haha, Perfetto. Oggi io vado al lavoro and ho letto molto, anche io ho dimenticato il mio cellulare! Terribile. Ma a domani io andro al consulato e ho prendertelo. Questa sera, io ho voglio di andare al discotech, ma, io ho creduto quando. Anche, i miei campagni di stanze hanno voglio e usciamo insieme. Dopo cena noi prenderemo una decisione.

Took some pictures, but not enough to be worthy of an upload. It’s coming up on time to pay rent so tomorrow I’ve got to get a copy of my passport for Il Padrone (the landlord). After we will play basketball in the park near Bocconi and dopo quello mangiamo. Then once we’ve eaten its time to head out dancing – not salsa but going to a college student/aged reggae club. Should be a great opportunity for some culture shock. I’m still tired so sleeping in tomorrow will be much appreciated but I’ll do my best to get some photo’s as well. Unfortunately there has been a lot of fog and its been rainy for the last few days, making any photos I would take pretty miserable looking which is not the image of Milan I want to portray.

Everything is about point of view.

I’ve asked my roommates to help me find some slums and industrial areas undergoing redevelopment for the 2015 EXPO. These projects should provide some excellent photos/research for my urban independent study. Additionally it will allow me to get some ground time in parts of Milan I probably wouldn’t see (slums). Whatever happens it will be a productive day and night. I might even get some writing done regarding the paper and research. Both my mentors here (Ben and Michael) have expressed interest in the paper once I’ve finished it. It will be great to have their input and view as a sounding board to see if its on track.

I’ve been exhausted this entire week. Not sure why but I’ll figure it out. May be missing something in my diet or my system is taking advantage of the relatively light workload to try and catch up from my first week. I think it may also have something to do with going from my college schedule of 8-10 hours of sleep to a maximum of 5 over the last three weeks (since the 20th). Something keeps hinting that its probably a large part of why I’m tired.

Mum and Pa are in Mexico, I’m excited that they have the opportunity to take some time for themselves and relax. They both deserve a good bit of a break.

Alex is working hard and renewing old ties. Good to hear from him and his blog at is always a treat to visit.

I want to hear from my friends across the world! Those of you reading these please leave me a comment or send me an e-mail and update me on what your doing and what you’re excited about for this month!

Watching the Senate and House pretty carefully. The world is holding its breath waiting to see what standard the U.S. sets…a heavy burden for our president. I think his shoulders are wide enough to carry us through.

Time for a nap! More later,
Buona serata, Ciao tutti!







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  1. Dan Avatar

    Hey Nate! Alex told me that you started this blog. Ive read about your whole trip so far. It is very interesting! Take in as much as you can!

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