Metsovo and Kalabaka!

Metsovo: A natural beauty in the northern mountains of Greece. Gorgeous, with spring showers and wood and stone houses lining narrow cobblestone streets. Fog rising from the valley into the city and best of all, A bear statue!


I get off the bus to the square containing that bear statue and from there begin walking the streets. Both packs on and struggling against the slick stone I make my way to an open park built into a plateau in the center of the city. from there reach gorgeous views of the green valleys and the exquisite nature of Metsovo. It’s beautiful and tranquil here and I sit for hours lying against my pack enjoying the sun and smells. then the weather turns and I get another treat – a spring shower comes and inundates the city in fog and water. I pick up my umbrella and head up to the head of the city. a 20 minute climb through winding streets:

Streets of Metsovo

But with a gorgeous payoff at the top:

Hilltop above Metsovo

And the reaching view down on the city:

View from the Hilltop

I take in the view as the rain subsides and then start snapping foto’s. minutes later I catch the first glimpse of fog rising up through the valley. I take in the atmosphere and then start the hike down into the city.

From Metsovo there are two buses, back to Ioannina… Not wanting to backtrack I hired a taxi for 4.50 euro to take me to the highway, got him to call the bus station and at 8pm waited on the side of the highway for a bus that may or may not have gotten the order to pick me up. Buses here don’t really stop for flag fares. I wait for an hour until 9 pm rolls by and then start putting my hand out looking to hitchhike. a car stops around 9:15 but they’re headed to Trikala not Kalabaka. I’m losing hope, the bus was supposed to arrive around 8:15. It roars out of the corner and heads stright for me at 9:45. Relieved and startled I grab my bags and jump on. I’m off to Kalabaka.



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2 responses to “Metsovo and Kalabaka!”

  1. AlexBerger Avatar

    Gotta love Greek standard time. Especially when the bus is on it =p

  2. AlexBerger Avatar

    Gotta love Greek standard time. Especially when the bus is on it =p

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