Peace Corps Volunteer Leader, Oct. 2013 – Oct 2014

Jan 29th, 2015 David Berger 3 min read

My last post, was almost nine months overdue. Posted in August of 2014, it was referencing October of 2013, as I put together my belongings once again, and boarded a plane headed back to Zambia for my extension as a Peace Corps Volunteer Leader. That leaves quite a bit of time in between. Time that I haven’t really talked much about, or written about. In…

The Chibwantu Machine!

Dec 15th, 2014 David Berger 1 min read

Trying my hand at an old Atlas manual grain mill. The maize kernels are taken, ground into a thick cut maize, an then that maize is used to make a local cooked maize/water drink known as Chibwantu.

The grinders can also be adjusted to a finer cut, which can be used to make mealie meal (finely ground maize meal that is used to make Nshima).

Describing life – Living in Chisunka

Oct 15th, 2014 David Berger 1 min read

Describing PC Life in Chisunka, Zambia. Reflections from when I was 24. A short video from my service when I was 24, describing my catchment and post.

Ubulwele Bwa Mpepo

Sep 15th, 2014 David Berger 1 min read

This is a short video that I recorded during my service, I had hoped to make a series of health talks in local language, and have them for use with a T.V. and USB capable DVD player for when the clinic had power access. The idea didn’t work out, but I still have many of the files, and I’d like to share some of them with you!

Ringing Out – My last week as a PCV

Oct 14th, 2013 David Berger 3 min read

In my last post I talked a little bit about how I had arranged my packing during my last week, and how I had used it to reinforce my commitment to returning to Zambia. I also spoke a little bit about the sequence of events that occurred that week. I ended up with my heading back to the Lusaka to spend my last few days…

Packing up – planning for the year ahead

Oct 12th, 2013 David Berger 4 min read

Training had come to a close, I’d begun the training program to become a Peace Corps Volunteer Leader, and I was busy readying myself internally for the next adventure. Sitting on the lower corner of my bed, I straightened and focused on my breathing. In the small, cluttered room of my lodge, I was surrounded by the intimate smells of fresh coffee and soap from…

Training, PCV Technical Trainer

Sep 18th, 2013 David Berger 3 min read

I arrived back at the Chongwe training site on the 13th of July 2013. It was a quiet Friday, and I had my gear tucked into the back of a Peace Corps Landcruiser. I was ready for a little bit of an adventure, excited to meet the new trainees, and couldn’t wait to settle in to my new home. I mentioned before that I’d been…

CoS Conference: Saying Goodbye

Sep 16th, 2013 David Berger 3 min read

It’s been a little while since I was able to write in an update, and a lot has happened in between, but let me start off today by jumping back to early July – July 8th through the 13th in fact. I left off having just arrived in Lusaka, lost in the shining mirrored glass and steel of Levy Junction, and having a bite to…

Headed to Samfya for the Fourth of July!

Jul 23rd, 2013 David Berger 3 min read

Good morning all, In my last post I talked about visiting my neighbor, and about the hard news that I received before I headed over to Samfya for the Fourth of July. I talked about how difficult it was to receive that news, and I mentioned the feelings of helplessness and hurt that surround us when we lose friends, but are thousands of miles away….