Sarajevo – Bosnia

After another long ride on the bus of death I arrived in Sarajevo Bosnia at 11:30pm. I grabbed the last trolly of the night and headed to Old town. There I wandered about the small district until I found my Hostel nestled into a dark corner street just at the edge of the Old town. I checked in, discovered my booking had been lost and that the hostel was full, dropped my bags on my cushy Airbed stuffed under the staircase used in emergencys to the upper dorms and promptly passed out. I awoke at 2 am, 3:15 am, and 4:45 am to the sound of drunk Irish, Austrailian and dreaded Canadians respectivley. I then returned to sleep to be woken at 6:15 by the hostel staff, who apparently used the closet under the staircase (blocked by my bed) as storage for breakfast.

I made sure to book a bed for the next night and took a long hot shower to wake up. Then I called my friend Matthew Jacobs and left the hostel around 10am to meet up with him. I missed him and decided to go to the tunnel museum which showed the city during the serbian siege and the tunnel which meant life or death to those trapped within sarajevo during the 90’s war.

The tunnel museum was more than just the simple, narrow, tunnel which ran from bosnian free territory to sarajevo, it was a tour of the sieged city, pictures of what it looked like less than 15 years ago, and footage of War tourism (the act of buying time on a sniper rifle gunning down civilians within the city). Pretty heavy stuff.

I met Matt later that night for some nibbles before we got ready to go out.

After a filling and heavy Lasagna at Barhana in oldtown we headed back our separate ways to get ready for the night. We met up and headed to the park to relax and wait for Bosnians to get ready and head out for the evening. from the park we went to Sloga a salsa/mix club 5 minutes from my Hostel. We danced until 3 am before calling it a night and heading back.

The next morning we headed around the city for a nice walk of old town and the city. we ended up napping in a park by the latin bridge (where Ferdinand got shot)

Napping in the Park:


and then headed over to the brewery for some good nibbles. We arrived in the very Upscale brewery and ordered a decent meal before settling in to talk.
Brewery meal

after eating we hiked up to the overlook over sarajevo and watched the sunset. I did some human javelin throwing :
Human Javelin

Watched the sunsetSunset Sarajevo

then prepared for another night out at the pub and a 7am bus to Budapest!



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2 responses to “Sarajevo – Bosnia”

  1. AlexBerger Avatar

    Human Javelin throwing…haha I love it.

    Sounds like a hell'uva hostel night.

  2. AlexBerger Avatar

    Human Javelin throwing…haha I love it.

    Sounds like a hell'uva hostel night.

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