Remembering Zambia

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Today’s nostalgia fueled post is from 2012! These photo’s are a couple of snapshots from a wonderful trip and adventure in Southern Province, with Jean Lippincott. Check out the original post at

(A beautiful rescued Cheetah breeder, habituated and fueling the income generating tourist side of Mukuni)

An excerpt: ” While I was in Southern Province experiencing Tonga culture, and the majestic majesty of the Mosi-Oa-Tunya (Victoria Falls), I took the opportunity to follow up on the advice of some of my fellow volunteers. Everyone I had spoken too said that if there was one place I had to have on my program, besides the falls of course, it was a full day at the Mukuni Big 5 Safari facility. I’d called ahead the day before and made reservations, then so filled with excitement I could barely sleep.

We woke up early, grabbed some local transport (Mukuni provides transport but as a resident I decided to use a blue taxi driver), and headed over to visit. As we drove in on the dirt and gravel bush road, I was immediately captivated by the beauty of their field site – the stark beauty of the African bush is dominating. One could easily lose themselves in the complexity of the foliage for hours. More so, the flora and fauna of southern province is in stark contrast to that of my home province in the north, next to the Congo and Tanzania. The site is just a few kilometers from the falls, and the surrounding scenery is typical East African bush. Acacia, thorn brush, baobab trees, and a wonderful whorl of colors in the leaves, bark, and mixing with the minerals in the sand and rock. Its enough to send your senses overboard even without the wildlife, birds, and elephants! It’s truly one of Gods most captivating canvases…”

Take a moment and enjoy!


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