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  • Remembering Zambia

    Remembering Zambia

    Good Day friends, Today’s nostalgia fueled post is from 2012! These photo’s are a couple of snapshots from a wonderful trip and adventure in Southern Province, with Jean Lippincott. Check out the original post at http://www.davidberger.net/2012/07/a-brief-visit-to-mukuni-big-5-safaris-conservation-park/ (A beautiful rescued Cheetah breeder, habituated and fueling the income generating tourist side of Mukuni) An excerpt: ” While…

  • Photo’s from Luapula – FlickR Album

    Photo’s from Luapula – FlickR Album

    While looking back over my Valley of Fire Album that I posted last week, I thought it’d be good to share a link to my Zambia: Luapula Album, a series of photographs that span my two years at site in the Luapula Province of Zambia. David’s Luapula, Zambia 2011-2013 Album! Enjoy!

  • Valley of Fire Photos!

    Valley of Fire Photos!

    I posted last week with a couple of photo’s and a brief introduction to the Valley of Fire, but I wanted to follow up with a link to the photo album on Flickr! You can find more of these Photos at: David N. Berger’s Flickr Album: Valley of Fire

  • A Living City

    A Living City

    Copenhagen is a living, breathing city. Full of warmth, green spaces, and a welcoming atmosphere. Here, caught on the last few bright sunny days of autumn, as the cool winds and cold breeze’s start to wind their way into the city, the folks who call Copenhagen home stand ready, prepared for the onslaught of customers.…

  • Denmark: Wandering and Arriving

    Denmark: Wandering and Arriving

    Arriving in Denmark, and Wanderlust

  • Photos –

    I wanted to sticky this post at the top of my page. To see my Photos just click the badge below this post. Then scroll down to David’s photo’s and click on albums. There you’ll find 150 albums stuffed to the brink with my Photos. David Nathaniel Berger | Crea il tuo badge